Women’s Health Clinic

The partnership shared between FMC and Valley Health, the region’s largest and most prominent health care system, is immeasurable. Valley Health support for the Free Medical Clinic Women’s Health Clinic is critical to saving lives. Through a mutually beneficial agreement, Valley Health designated the regional Free Medical Clinics as the local provider sites for the Every Woman’s Life grant program. The Every Woman’s Life program gives female patients access to the essential breast and cervical cancer screenings, and follow-up care when needed.

If a woman is diagnosed in the Every Woman’s Life program through the Free Medical Clinic with a breast or cervical condition, the patient is eligible for Medicaid and treated within 30 days. Often patients are diagnosed with other untreated chronic illnesses such as elevated BP or high blood sugars and referred to the Free Medical Clinic Daytime Clinic for primary medical care.

Annually, the Free Medical Clinic schedules an average of 30-35 Women’s Health Clinics, which are held of Thursdays and Fridays. Most of the Women’s Health Clinic is run on a volunteer basis, supported by volunteer gynecologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses. Occasionally, the Free Medical Clinic staff Nurse Practitioner will see patients in the Women’s Health Clinic. The Women’s Health Clinic provides women direct access to cancer prevention, detection and patient services, and this program is saving lives! Thousands of women have been seen and treated through the Women’s Health Clinic since established in 1993. This is possible with the dedication of volunteers in our community,  unsung ‘healthy heroes’.