Health Reform and the Uninsured

Right now, the Free Medical Clinic of the NSV finds itself in a unique position as health care delivery across the country is at a crossroads. While there may be uncertainty surrounding the impact that health care reform will have on the Free Medical Clinic and our patients, we know that change will not happen overnight. Access to health care will still be a challenge for our most vulnerable patients, and safety-net health care providers, such as the Free Medical Clinic, will still be needed.

The Free Medical Clinic Board of Directors and leadership, with insights from key community stakeholders, are conducting a strategic planning process to evaluate the changing health care needs of our patients, and identify how best to serve these disadvantaged individuals into the future. The Virginia Association of Free Clinics (VAFC) is supporting member clinics by responding to health care reform through their Road to Reform Project. Through this project, VAFC is providing a framework for free clinics to develop a new strategic plan addressing health care reform. On October 5th, the Free Medical Clinic of NSV hosted one of the VAFC’s regional free clinic meetings to launch the strategic planning process. Following the workshop, our Free Medical Clinic board met to identify the next steps in our own planning process.

We have a lot to think about in the months ahead to ensure our patients continue to have access to vital medical care. Thanks to your support, one constant remains – the Free Medical Clinic’s commitment to continue to serve those most in need in our community.


Stay Informed

We encourage you to visit the Kaiser Family Foundation Health Reform Source to learn more about the new Health Care Reform law and about how Health Coverage will impact the Uninsured.