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Consider giving the gift of health care to those in need. Every time a patient says, “I don’t know what I would have done without the Free Medical Clinic” we let them know it couldn’t be done without you and this caring community. Your commitment provides us all with a stronger and healthier community!

Your gift today will make a vital difference of the lives of our patients today. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Sinclair Health Clinic right now through Network for Good, just click here.

Please call 540-536-1681 if you have questions or wish to speak to someone about giving to the Sinclair Health Clinic.

Meet Harry –Harry

Sometimes you need help and you just have to accept that – it’s about your health, after all. That’s Harry’s view on turning to the Free Medical Clinic when he needed medical care.  The retired Winchester native went to school to study computer programming during the day while earning a living driving a taxi in DC at night. He then worked for 23 years as a contractor for major companies and government agencies, but contract work does not guarantee health insurance or steady income.

Harry turned to the Clinic when his health started to decline, only to find out that he had hypertension, high cholesterol and gout. He praises the care and advice he received as a patient, and credits our nurses and doctors for keeping him healthy. By following their guidance and making healthy lifestyle changes, like portion control, and biking and walking for exercise, he is staying healthy and no longer faces the risks of diabetes. Harry now has Medicare and no longer needs services at the Free Medical Clinic, but he remains grateful for the care he received while a patient.

“I want to thank all the people that make the Free Medical Clinic the success that it has been in the good health that I am experiencing at this time in my life. These words could never express the thanks I have for these good people. May God bless them and continue to hear their prayers.”