Our Operation

Welcome to the Dr. Terry Sinclair Health Clinic (SHC)! The SHC has provided quality care to the community’s uninsured residents since 1986. Comprised on 21 full time staff, the clinic has grown to serve over 2,000 patients annually.

Patients receive primary medical care  Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm with extended hours on certain days.. SHC patients also have access to expert care through the Clinic’s specialty services, including well-woman care, cancer screenings and mammograms through the Women’s Health Clinic, orthopedic treatment, and mental health services through our psychiatric nurse practitioner

SHC patients receive medication assistance through the Clinic’s in-house state licensed pharmacy. In 2016, patients access over $8 million worth (retail value) of prescriptions through the Clinic pharmacy. The pharmacy is also open to the public who can fill scripts at a significantly discounted rate compared with traditional retail pharmacy operations. This service helps fund the pharmacy operations.

In 2015 the SHC launched Project FIRST (Free Individual Risk Factor Screening & Treatment), a program that provides free risk factor screening to community members across our catchment area. Our desire for this is to help people understand lifestyle risks and get them linked into care before it i

too luntitled7ate. Blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol screenings are given as well as flu shots (during flu season).

In 2016, the SHC launched Project EMPOWER – the first of a kind community health worker program for our area. A team of trained community health workers, supervised by a community health nurse provide intensive case management services to vulnerable clients, supporting them in their medical treatment and helping refer them to partner agencies.